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This page is only for NDIS Champions to use. Thank you.

photo of a group of 17 people (and 2 guide dogs) facing the camera, in a conference room. They are in front a a wall of windows - semi transparent blinds are down but a tree and buildings are visible in the background. There is dark grey carpet in the foreground. Our champions team's expressions appear excited and proud.Photo of a group of 14 people in the lunch room at a hotel. They are in front a wood panel wall. There is dark grey carpet in the foreground. The NDIS Champions are smiling and appear relieved after a long day of training.









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On this page:


NDIS Champions training documents - day 1

Day 1 Powerpoint presentation

Session 1 - Welcome

Session 2 - Introduction

Session 3 - All about accessibility

Session 4 - Being a confident public speaker

Session 4a - Checklists

Session 5 - Preparing a 2 minute speech

Session 6 - How did I go?

Session 7 - Workshop promotion and use of social media


NDIS Champions training documents - day 2

Day 2 Powerpoint presentation

Session 8 - The NDIS presentation

Session 9 - Practice, practice, practice

Session 10 - Your time to shine

Session 11 - Finding further information

Session 12 - Peer support for NDIS Champions

Session 13 - Wrap up


About accessibility

Accessible events - a guide for organisers 

Accessible events guidelines and checklist for organisers, chairs, speakers and MCs


Forms and policies

AFDO media release form

AFDO OH&S Policy

Expense claim form

Manual timesheet

NDIS Champions employee details form

Superannuation fund nomination form

Tax File Number declaration form


NDIS documents

My NDIS Pathway

About the NDIS