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How does the planning process work?

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If you did meet the access requirements, you will become an NDIS participant (someone who is using the NDIS).

When you get into the NDIS you will have to make a plan about what you would like to do in your life and what support you will need. You can find some information about planning for the NDIS on the peer connect website. The NDIS will also give you a booklet to help you think about what you want.

You will meet with an NDIS planner to talk about what you want. You can have as many meetings as you need before your plan is decided.

You can choose to have someone else come with you to planning meetings with the NDIS. This could be a friend or family member. You can also ask to speak to the planner alone.

You can also ask the NDIS for support from someone else when you have meetings, like someone to:

  • help you understand what is happening
  • help you remember what you want to say
  • interpret so you can have the meeting in your own language

Person drawing a plan on a blackboard.When you have finished talking about all your ideas with the planner, they will give you a draft plan. The draft plan lets you know what the NDIS thinks you should have. It also lets you think about any changes you want before your plan is finished. You can ask for help to read or understand your draft plan.

If you don’t agree with the decisions the NDIS makes about what you can get, you can ask them to change their mind. This can be difficult to do alone. If you want help, you can ask for someone outside the NDIS to help you, like an advocate.  

Once everyone agrees on your plan, it becomes an official plan. This is when you will start to get support from the NDIS.

Every plan lasts for a set amount of time. For example, your plan might last for one year, then you can go back and make another plan. If your life changes a lot before you are due to make a new plan, you can ask the NDIS to do another plan earlier.


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