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How can I get help from the NDIS?

If you want someone to talk you through what to do, contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110. 


You can start getting help from the NDIS now, if you: 


Hands holding a family in a homeTrial sites

At the moment the NDIS is only in a few places around the country. These are called trial sites (people have also been calling them launch sites).

There are trial sites running now, in:

Queensland (QLD) is preparing for the NDIS, but it won't begin there until the whole scheme begins to roll out nationally, from July 2016.


"A head with a speech bubble, indicating a checklisAccess requirements

Everyone who lives in the trial sites can be part of the NDIS if they meet the access requirements. The access requirements are questions about:

  • your age
  • where you live
  • your citizenship
  • your disability
  • your support needs
  • if you would benefit from early intervention
  • and exceptional circumstances (for example, people that moved into a trial site after the NDIS trial started there)

These questions are to make sure the NDIS follows the law, so that it is fair for everyone. 

You'll find these kinds of questions in an access request form, or on My Access Checker.

To see whether you might be in without doing anything official, use the NDIS Access checklist. This will help if you are not sure if you can try to get into the NDIS. It is an online checklist, with 5 questions. 

If you want to ask to join the NDIS officially, you need to fill out an access request form. You can ask for someone to help you with either NDIS Access checklist or the form by contacting the NDIS.

When you put in your forms, the NDIS might want you to give them more information. You can ask for help to do this if you need to. Once the NDIS has your forms and all the information, the law says you should find out if you are in within three weeks.

Screenshot of top half of the NDIS Access checklist pagePhoto: Screenshot of one of the pages of NDISAccess Checklist. 


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