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Disability Loop and accessibility

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We want Disability Loop to be easy to use.

At Disability Loop, we have tried to make our website easy to use from the start.

Sometimes people use their computers differently. For example, some people need to listen to their computer talk, while others use mouth controls instead of their hands. We want to make sure you can use Disability Loop even if you use your computer differently.

We also want to make sure the information on Disability Loop is easy to understand.


Although we're trying our best, sometimes Disability Loop might not be easy to use.

Disability Loop might not be easy to use sometimes because:

  • There are lots of different ways to use computers. We won't be able to make Disability Loop work for everyone at once. We'll start by making Disability Loop easy to use in some different ways, then we will keep working to add more. For example, we know that some people like to have captions underneath pictures. We will add these over time.
  • Some things that can make a website easy to use can be done through the settings on your computer, tablet or phone and not on the website. If you are not sure if you can change things on your computer, tablet or phone to make Disability Loop easier to use, you can:
  • We might give you links to other sites which are not easy to use. If we find out that a site we have linked to is not easy to use, we will let the people in charge of that site know. Sometimes bigger companies might not listen to us, but we will still try. When we talk to other sites about what they should do better, we will tell you about it on Disability Loop.
  • We might decide that some information is really important, even if it is not easy to understand. We'll talk to the people who have written the information and let them know. Sometimes we might make the information easy to understand ourselves.


We want you to tell us when you see things that don't work for you.

When you have a disability, it can be really hard to speak up about everything you see that doesn't work well. That's why we want to make it easy for you tell us. You can:

  • Call us on 03 9662 3324, or freecall on 1800 219 969 (we can call you back if you need us to).
  • Email us at
  • Send us a tweet @disabilityloop
  • Leave us a Facebook comment at
  • Write us a letter at Disability Loop, c/- AFDO, 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000


We will let you know how we're going.

Every three months we will look at how easy it is to use Disability Loop. We will write a report about what we find out. This report will be put on Disability Loop for you to read. After each report we will try to solve any problems we have found.

You can also contact us to find out more if you have any questions.