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NDIS Independent Advisory Council Progress Update

Professor Rhonda Galbally AO is the Principal Member of NDIA's Independent Advisory Council (IAC). She presented a progress report to the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS in the Australian Senate this morning. The video will be available from this page of the Parliament website shortly

The IAC is very important to the NDIS. It is an independent group of disability experts made up of people with disabilities, carers and service providers. This group gives the NDIS advice on how to make things as good as possible in the NDIS. 

Prof Galbally's report included a lot of information about the important work that the IAC has been doing in the background to make sure that people with disability really do have choice and control when they are part of the NDIS. 

The progress report talked about the role of the IAC and its work:

  • the IAC initiated the Disability Support Organisations project (DSO)
  • the IAC has provided advice papers to the NDIS board on 'reasonable & necessary' 
  • the IAC has made a significant contribution to the development of the NDIS Outcomes Framework
  • the IAC has made recommendations for changes to the planning process when the NDIS is fully rolled out
  • the IAC contributed to the establishment of an NDIS Mental Health Reference Group
  • the IAC contributed to the recent establishment of an NDIS Intellectual Disability Working Group
  • the IAC strongly supports the recruitment of people with disability to the NDIA at all levels
  • the IAC will provide advice to the NDIA Board on the place of advocacy in the NDIS.