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Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS

The Joint Standing Committee is made up of five lower house Members of Parliament and five Senators.  This committee oversees the rollout of the NDIS and reports on progress to Parliament at the end of every financial year.

So who is on the committee?

Returning committee members are:

  • Chair Kevin Andrews MP (VIC)
  • Deputy Chair Senator Carol Brown (TAS)
  • Andrew Wallace MP (QLD)
  • Senator Jordan Steele-John (WA)

New members are:

  • Senator Wendy Askew (TAS)
  • Senator Anthony Chisholm (QLD)
  • Libby Coker MP (VIC)
  • Senator Hollie Hughes (NSW)
  • Dr Fiona Martin MP (NSW)
  • Alicia Payne MP (ACT) 

You can read more about the Joint Standing Committee via the link below: