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NDIS Opportunities Workshops

The NDIS Opportunities series of half day workshops have been designed especially for community information, capacity building, and advocacy organisations. Over the two days (1-2 June 2016), Melbourne based CEOs, senior managers and Board members who work in organisations that inform people with disability and their families about the NDIS will be able to build their capacity in our series of free half day workshops.

The workshops will be progressively rolled out in each Australian capital city over the next few months. The next series is expected to be delivered in Canberra in the week of 20 June, although this is not confirmed. Make sure you are subscribed to the Disability Loop eNews so you can find out about sessions in your state or territory quickly.

The NDIS Opportunities series has been developed to resource and assist small community organisations as they navigate the significant changes the new market environment brings. These workshops have been specifically tailored to the needs of small community organisations that would appreciate a safe space for thought provoking and sensitive discussions about the opportunities and challenges they face. Specific, helpful detail is provided to assist with the strategic decisions needed as the ‘transition to full Scheme’ progresses.


There are four (4) half day NDIS Opportunities workshops. The Melbourne workshops will be held over two days (1-2 June 2016) at the Jasper Hotel.

  1. Opportunities in the NDIS for community organisations
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    What changes will a market environment bring your organisation? What are the associated opportunities and challenges? Let’s discuss the importance of independence and the impact on sustainability. 
    01 June 9:30am – 12:30pm
    Eventbrite - Opportunities in the NDIS for community organisations: NDIS workshop 1 of 4  
  2. NDIS Opportunities in detail
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    Building on the first workshop, we will get familiar with the NDIS Price Guide and discuss some of the Support Clusters in the NDIS. Let’s dive in and talk about the implications of becoming a registered provider of supports in the NDIS.
    01 June 2:00pm – 5:00pm 
    Eventbrite - NDIS Opportunities in detail: NDIS Workshop 2 of 4  
  3. ILC readiness for community organisations
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    The ILC framework is a new and exciting part of the NDIS; let’s discuss the impact it will have on community organisations and start the work to become ILC ready. 
    02 June 9:30am – 12:30pm    
    Eventbrite - ILC readiness for community organisations: NDIS workshop 3 of 4  
  4. Working with Local Area Coordinators
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    Let’s discuss the changes, opportunities and challenges that the introduction of the large-scale LAC system will bring for community information, capacity building and advocacy organisation.
    02 June 2:00pm – 5:00pm
    Eventbrite - Working with Local Area Coordinators: NDIS workshop 4 of 4

Please note that due to project focus and scope, we regret that these workshops are not open to interested service provider agencies.