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Purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE)

Temporary changes to funding arrangements for PPE have been made to better support participants during the extended COVID-19 pandemic.
You can now recover the costs to purchase PPE items using your NDIS funds, if you;
  • receive an average of at least one hour a day of face-to-face daily living supports, and
  • live in Victoria or New South Wales.
Plan and self-managed participants can purchase PPE and record and claim their purchases in the usual way. Agency-managed participants can purchase PPE through registered providers.
If you need PPE items like face masks, face shields and gloves, and the use of these items is directly related to your face-to-face daily living supports, you can use your core supports budget to purchase these items. 
However, if you need to purchase face coverings or masks for use outside the home, this is still an everyday expense, and you cannot use your NDIS funds to pay for them. Hand sanitiser continues to be a personal expense.
More information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found on the NDIS website.