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Government response to the Tune Review

In 2019, an independent review was undertaken by Mr David Tune AO PSM. People with disability, family members, carers, advocates and providers from around Australia shared their experiences and ideas through community workshops, an online survey and by making submissions to the "Tune Review".

The Tune Review included a lot of very sensible and practical recommendations such as explaining things in simple and clear language, greater flexibility in how you can use your NDIS funds, and outreach and support for people who are really missing out – like First Nations people with disability or people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background.

The Government has announced that they accept all the recommendations and will work over the next six months in close collaboration with people with disability and the disability sector to implement these reforms, including consultation on any legislative changes required.

You can read the announcement from Minister Robert here

You can read the Government's response to the Tune Report here.

If you want to go back and have a look at the Tune review again you can find it here - NDIS Tune Review.


Government response – Participant Service Charter and Participant Service Improvement Plan

Also announced last week was the NDIS Participant Service Charter, Participant Service Guarantee, and the Participant Service Improvement Plan.

The NDIS Participant Service Charter explains what participants can expect when they deal with the NDIA

The NDIS Participant Service Guarantee tells participants how long you can expect NDIS processes to take. For example they promise to finish a plan review in 42 days.

The NDIS Participant Service Improvement Plan sets out what the NDIA are going to do over the next two years to deliver a Scheme that meets participants’ expectations.

Below are links to further information on the NDIS Participant Service Charter and Participant Service Improvement Plan below.




Independent assessments

The Minister also announced that from next year the NDIA will fund independent assessments for people applying to enter the scheme. And then later in the year for people having plan reviews at critical life points – like leaving school or leaving home.

You can find out more about Independent Assessments on the NDIS website, including: