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Where is the NDIS rolling out next?

The burning question for many people is “what will happen next with the NDIS?”

In 2016 the NDIS will begin rolling out across the country. At the moment we know that the governments across Australia are talking to each other to work out exactly how this will happen. Each of the state and territory governments has to make a written agreement with the Australian government about what they will do. This is called a bilateral agreement.

The bilateral agreements are still being worked out, but the governments have stared to tell us what they are thinking. So far, the governments have told us about some ‘initial suggestions’ for how things might work. This means that the information below could change.

ACT: Will be fully rolled out by the end of the trial phase in 2016.

NSW: A staged roll out with a mix of people who live in different areas and people who use certain supports. Roll out should be finished by July 2018.

NT: A staged roll out across different areas. Roll out should be finished by July 2019.

QLD: Clients will come across to the NDIS by July 2019.

SA: Clients will come across to the NDIS by July 2018.

TAS: New and existing clients coming across by July 2019.

VIC: Clients coming across to the NDIS by July 2019.

WA: The WA government has an NDIS trial site and a trial of a different disability support system called My Way. The WA government wants to think about how these trials are going before it makes any decisions.

The governments have said we should know more during August 2015.


You can learn more about bilateral agreements in this video (with captions or transcript).

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