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What's going on with the NDIS rollout?

All Australian states & territories were due to sign agreements with the Federal Government by the end of June 2015. Then July. Then August. It's September now … what does this mean?

The NDIS will begin its full scheme rollout from July 2016. It will be available to every Australian in 2019 who is eligible.

It is expected that 460,000 people will be accessing the NDIS in 2019. This number is large compared to the almost 20,000 accessing the NDIS in the trial sites now. This planned growth of the scheme is very fast. This fast growth could make rolling out the scheme difficult to organise for the states & territories and the Federal Government.

People with disability and their supporters want the details of the planned NDIS rollout to be made clear.

We currently do not know the additional locations the NDIS will be available from after July 2016. People with disability really want to know this information. This is because the details of the rollout were meant to be known by June 2015 (then July, then August).

The federal and state and territory governments are still working out where and when the NDIS will be available from July 2016. This arrangement between governments is called a ‘bilateral agreement’. They are also negotiating the funding of the scheme to work out how each government will fund the NDIS.

The Every Australian Counts campaign is asking people to contact the Disability Minister in their state, asking them to ‘see it through’. This will encourage governments to sign the agreements and let people know about the NDIS rollout plans. Knowing these details will tell people the NDIS is on schedule, and that there are no plans for it to be delayed. It will also give people with disabilities, disability organisations and NDIS staff enough time to prepare for the NDIS.

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