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Guide: Mental Health Carers NDIS Guide

Mental Health Australia and Carers Australia have developed a Guide for Mental Health Carers on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and a Mental Health Carer Checklist to prepare for NDIS assessment and planning meetings.

Carers have a very important role in supporting potential participants of the NDIS. The guide and checklist provide information to help carers support the person they care for to engage with the NDIS effectively.

This guide is for people who provide unpaid care and support to a family member or friend with a psychosocial disability associated with a mental illness or mental health condition. 

Topics in this guide include:

Mental health and the NDIS

  • What is the NDIS?
  • Who is the NDIS for?
  • How does mental health fit in the NDIS?
  • What are the steps to getting support through the NDIS?
  • How will the person I care for be supported?
  • Early intervention for mental health

Carers in the NDIS

  • Why is the involvement of mental health carers in supporting a participant in the NDIS important?
  • How are carers recognised in the NDIS?
  • What role will mental health carers have in the NDIS?
  • Consent and information sharing
  • Do carers have a say in what support they provide?
  • Can carers go to the planning session?
  • Can carers have a separate discussion with the NDIA?
  • What is a Carer Statement?
  • Why is a Carer Statement important?
  • What do I need to tell the NDIA?
  • Can carers get support through the NDIS?
  • Other supports for carers
  • What if there is a disagreement with a decision made by the NDIA?
  • Where can I go to find more information?

Download the Guide for Mental Health Carers on the NDIS (PDF) here. Don't forget to check out the checklist too.

Screenshot of page 1 of the Mental Health Carers Guide PDF