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Report - NDIS Progress Report: Year Two

Front cover of the PDF version of the NDIS Progress Report: Year 2 The NDIS Progress Report is a document which talks about all of the things that the NDIS has done in the past 12 months. It tells you about things that they have changed after listening to people with disability and their carers and families, as well as people that speak for them, including disabled persons organisations (like Australian Federation of Disability Organisations).

The NDIS has a big list of goals it wants to acheive (these are in the Agency’s Strategic Plan 2013-2016). The Progress Report talks about these goals, and then for each one it asks "what are we doing?" and "what have we learned?". 

The Progress Report also has stories from participants, helpful graphics (like a map, and graphs), and much more.

This page on the NDIS website has links to download the Report as a PDF or plain text DOCX.