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Fact sheet - What should I know about plans? Easy English

What should I know about plans? is a five-page fact sheet that is in Easy English. That means it is easy to read. It has pictures and big, clear writing.

It tells you about what an NDIS plan is, and what you have to do to make one.

It is number two in a series of fact sheets about the NDIS called Things you should know. There are five of these fact sheets in the "Things you should know" series. They are all about the NDIS. They have fact sheets in Easy English (PDF) or Plain English (DOCX).

It was created by My Choice Matters. That is a website that helps people with disability to learn new skills and have more control over their own lives.

Download the Easy English fact sheet (PDF).

Screenshot of the first page of the What should I know about plans? easy read fact sheet.