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Stephen's NDIS story

Stephen has Usher syndrome, which means he has both hearing and sight impairment. He says the NDIS works at its best with cooperation between participants and planners.

Watch some short videos about Stephen's story, or read the video transcripts.


Melanie's NDIS story

Melanie is a disability champion and ambassador. She hopes the NDIS will provide her with the financial stability and support so that she can continue to have a meaningful career and one day in the future – a family. She has cerebral palsy and has been self-managing her own support since 2009. 

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Alison and Suze's NDIS story

For many years Alison, together with her family, have supported Suze and have tried to provide her with the best support services and care they can find, but it hasn’t always been easy. “I think that the Scheme would give Suze and myself a sense of certainty. On a concrete level it will help us to support her to exercise choice about who it is that she pays to support her and the kinds of things that she gets to do with that time.

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Janet's NDIS story

Janet Abraham is a participant of the Hunter trial site and has motor neuron disease.

She is the first NDIS participant in Australia to receive the NeuroSwitch to help her communicate. “I am free, I can communicate with everybody,” Janet expressed through the NeuroSwitch device.

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Ingrid's NDIS story

Ingrid’s story shows the importance of keeping a balance so that each person feels equal within their relationships. It shows NDIS’s role in respecting a woman’s right to determine how that equality is maintained. Ingrid cares for her husband as he cares for her. Without each being able to contribute to the relationship, the imbalance of power could occur and become a problem. Ingrid also recognises the importance of receiving support in her role caring for her mother.

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David's NDIS story

David is Deaf and blind and has an Acquired Brain Injury. He says "I know NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, but for me it stands for “now, do it somehow” because NDIS provides the funding that I need to do the things that I used to do and love to do."

Watch the 1:20 video (with captions and transcript) here. 


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