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The NDIS is about more than money

4 May 2017

The Productivity Commission (PC) is an independent group of experts who looked at why we needed an NDIS and looked at all its costs and benefits way back in 2011. Now the PC is back, this time just looking at the costs of running the NDIS. 

This year the PC is running an inquiry into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Costs. Earlier this year they released a paper which contained lots of questions. They then asked individuals and organisations to answer some or all of the questions in a submission. They will collect all of the feedback they get, and then write and release a report in September this year. They will then give that report to the Australian government. 

AFDO wrote a submission answering just some of the questions we thought were important. We said that we were very disappointed that the inquiry only looked at costs and did not look at what the NDIS was doing to help people with disability.

We said that while we know it is important to keep costs under control, we also need to look at the difference the scheme is making to the lives of people with disability and start to measure that.

We also said that we know the NDIS can't do everything for people with disability. It is really important that mainstream services, such as education, health and transport, do their bit and meet the needs of people with disability. If that doesn't happen people with disability won't be included in the community. And there is a chance that the costs of the scheme will blow out.

Screenshot of the cover of the submission. It has a photo of Disability Loop Project Officer Carl Thompson using his wheelchair on an inner urban footpath.


Read our submission into NDIS Costs: