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NDIS in regional Australia

Ricky Newman and his sister Melissa.

PHOTO: Ricky Newman and his sister Melissa would like some help with his care. (ABC: John Stewart)

The ABC news program Lateline aired a story on Wednesday night (July 29) about the NDIS in rural and regional areas.

People are worried that service providers might not want to go to remote areas. They are worried they will have to move to bigger towns to get the supports they need, which is against the NDIS's philosophy of having choice and control.

However, Damian Griffis, CEO of First Peoples Disability Network Australia says that this is a great opportunity to employ local Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders to work for people with disabilities so that it works out well for everyone.

The video has been broken into two sections, and each has a transcript.

  1. Will small towns attract service providers for the NDIS?
  2. Interview: Damian Griffis

This was also covered in an ABC news story:

Big hopes NDIS will deliver jobs and services to Aboriginal people in remote areas