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The NDIA has announced another update to the Price Guide. But don’t worry as this is good news as it includes a set of modest price increases. So what’s changed?


From 1st December 2020, price limits on a wide range of supports will increase because of the decision by the Fair Work Commission to increase the wages of some workers in the community and social services sector.  In December, these line items will go up by a small amount (between 1.5% to 2.7%). 
The good news is that the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) says that plans will automatically increase in December to cover the new prices. Some of the line items that will change include:
  • Assistance with Self Care Activities 
  • Assistance in SIL
  • Establishment fees for personal care/participation
  • Short Term Accommodation (STA) incl. Respite 
  • Social, Community & Rec Access 
  • Group Activities 
  • Supports in Employment 
  • Support Connection 
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching 
  • Skills development, training in plan management and travel training 
  • Training for carers/parents


This Price Guide updates include some clarifications of existing rules:
  • Services delivered by telehealth will now need to be noted as such when claiming in the MyPlace portal.  The updated Price Guide also states that the same rules apply to telehealth as other non face-to-face supports, including the need to specify that telehealth will be claimed in a prior agreement with the participant. 
  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) delivering programs of support: The Price Guide clarifies ECI providers can enter into agreements to deliver “programs of support” which can include group and one-to-one supports.


Remember the columns that used to be in the Support Catalogue that said who could claim for what? Well, they’re back!  Check out the latest Support Catalogue spreadsheet for the easiest way to identify who can claim for non-face-to-face travel, cancellations, reports and irregular SIL options.


The new Price Guide has been developed off the back of an updated Disability Support Worker Cost Model. This is the document where the NDIA outline all of their assumptions and pricing calculations.  You can download the document on the NDIS website
The new Price Guide and further information is available on the NDIS Price Guides and Pricing webpage