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More news about the new NDIS pathway pilot

15 Nov 2017

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The NDIS made an announcement about changes to the NDIS pathway a few weeks ago. They promised to give us some more details soon. Today the NDIS posted a media release talks about when and where the pilot will happen, what happens next, and a few other important details.


What are the new changes to the NDIS pathway?

17 Oct 2017

A monitor with a letter, and a conversation with N D I S in it.

The NDIS is making some changes to the NDIS pathway.

These changes will be piloted (tested) with a small group of people first, and then introduced to everyone else a bit later. They will include things like face to face planning meetings instead of over the phone; more info in Braille and plain English; a "consistent point of contact"; an easier to use portal; and more.


Results of the AFDO Disability Loop reader survey

16 Oct 2017

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AFDO Disability Loop asked readers “what do you need?” Lots of people completed the survey. Most people want AFDO Disability Loop to be even more busy. Many of you also want us to run more events. Your top three topics Disability Loop topics were the NDIS, Disability Advocacy, and organising your supports  We just want to say thank you to everyone for participating in the survey and being involved with AFDO Disability Loop. 


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