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Deaf or hard of hearing

Videos - key NDIS concepts in Auslan

10 April 2017

A monitor with 'ndis', the symbol for sign language, and a video play button.A handful of the most common and important NDIS terms have now been translated into Auslan. This will make life easier when spelling out long terms like "information, linkages and capacity building (ILC)", which can now be described in a fast, elegant and logical new Auslan sign.

Other new translations are for these common NDIS terms; 'ordinary life', 'choice and control', 'reasonable and necessary', 'permanent and significant disability', 'informal supports', 'Early Intervention' and 'Local Area Coordinator'.

Video - Auslan - The rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in NSW

2 March 2016

A monitor with Australian (with a circle in the middle akin to the Australian Aboriginal flag), a video 'play' button, and the symbol for Open CaptionsInformation about the roll out of the NDIS in New South Wales is available in this 7:27 minute long Auslan video (with hard-coded subtitles). 



Website - Reasonable and Necessary

7 September 2015

A monitor showing someone working on a painting, with 'ndis' above it.Reasonable and Necessary is an art project that people with disability can participate in. It is meant to help you with the first stage of planning in the NDIS, where you have to think about your needs and goals.


Video - Unfinished Business - profiles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability

5 July 2015

A monitor with Australian (with a circle in the middle akin to the Australian Aboriginal flag), a video 'play' button, and the symbol for Open CaptionsUnfinished Business was a photographic exhibition featuring stories of 30 Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people that have a disability. Each photograph was accompanied by a short narrative-style video interview. These videos are all available to watch online, together or separately, with captions. 


Website - Deafness Forum of Australia

2 June 2015

A monitor showing Australia, and the deaf symbol.Deafness Forum of Australia is a national disability peak organisation (they represent people with hearing loss in Australia). 


Website - Deaf Australia

28 May 2015

A monitor showing Australia, and the symbol for Australian sign language (Auslan).Deaf Australia is the national peak organisation representing Deaf and hard of hearing people and wider community that uses Auslan (Australian Sign Language). They have a selection of articles and resources on the NDIS and an online resources shop.

Website - Therapy Choices

25 April 2015

A monitor with three healthcare professionals.This website gives information about what different kinds of therapists – such as podiatrists, orthoptists and audiologists – do. It also has information on how to contact a therapist locally.


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