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Peer Support

Website - NDIS events - QLD Government

22 June 2015

A monitor with the 'ndis', the state of Queensland, and a calendar. The Queensland Government has an online calendar which has NDIS related events such as forums, workshops, information sessions and webinars. These are hosted by a range of service providers, advocacy organisations, and government. These events are designed to help Queenslanders prepare for the NDIS. 


Facebook - NDIS and Me

19 June 2015

A monitor showing the Facebook logo, the stylised "D" from the Down Syndrome Australia logo, and a conversation with 'ndis' in it. NDIS and Me is a closed Facebook group just for Australians with Down syndrome and their families. The aim of the group is to help its members to get ready and get the best outcomes they can from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


Website - Limbs 4 Kids

11 June 2015

A monitor displaying a group of kids with limb differences standing togetherLimbs 4 Kids supports Australian children and young people with congenital and acquired limb differences. Limbs 4 Kids provides assistance to parents, carers, siblings, family members, healthcare providers, educators and community workers.


Report - Disability Loop Gap Analysis Roundtable One

15 May 2015

A monitor showing the Disability Loop logo, a booklet, and a conversation with 'ndis' in it.Disability Loop hosted a roundtable in February 2015. A roundtable is a meeting where people come together to talk about something and work out what should happen next. Groups that represent people with disability across the country were invited. These groups talked about NDIS projects, about gaps in the information about the NDIS, and more. We put all of the information about this meeting into a report. You can read or download this report here.


Facebook - NDIS Grassroots Discussion group

26 April 2015

Monitor with Facebook logo and speech bubbles. One of the speech bubbles says 'ndis'.The NDIS Grassroots Discussion group on Facebook is a place for members to share information and have conversations around the NDIS.


Website - Self managing your funding

26 April 2015

Monitor with diagram of one person over three other people. In Control Australia has a newsletter, resources and online peer support groups for people who want to manage their own funding. Website last updated 2012. 


Website - Limbs 4 Life

21 April 2015

A monitor displaying a group of people with prosthetic limbs discussing the NDISLimbs 4 Life aims to provide information and support to amputees and their families, while promoting an inclusive community.

You can find lots of information about the NDIS here, and lots of information about peer support here.


Website - Peer Connect

19 April 2015

A monitor displaying four people standing together discussing the NDIS. The Peer Connect website is for people living with disability and their families. It has information about:

  • having choice and control in your life
  • Peer Support Networks
  • the NDIS


Videos - Living a good life

17 April 2015

Monitor with a video and the closed captions symbol.These videos tell the stories of people with disability and how they have used support and control to get a good life. (Captions, no audio description).


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