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Who to get help from for an NDIS Appeal

20 July 2017

A monitor with a person holding out a spanner, and an NDIS plan.An NDIS Appeal is the second step you can take if you are unhappy with a decision the NDIS has made, and have already tried step 1. Step 1 is to seek an 'internal review of a reviewable decision' from the NDIA.

If that didn't work, you can do an NDIS Appeal. 'NDIS Appeals' used to be called 'External Merit Reviews'. Here's a list of disability advocacy organisations from across Australia that can help you with an NDIS Appeal. 

NDIS review and appeals flow chart

19 April 2016

A monitor displaying a flowchart.If you are unhappy with your NDIS Plan, or a decision by the NDIS, this flow chart by Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU) will help you understand what you can do. It is presented using a simplified step by step process, and has links to other resources if you'd like more details. Some of the information is specifically for Victorians, but most of the information will be helpful for people from all over Australia. 


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Webpage - NDIS in Victoria

22 September 2015

A monitor with Victoria, with N D I S in it.This page from the NDIS website vgives you detailed information about how the NDIS will roll out across Victoria. There is a video (with captions), rural and metropolitan interactive maps, and information packs for people with disabilities and for service providers, as well as a link to the bilateral agreement documents. 


Contact list for making complaints

7 September 2015

A monitor showing a sad face, and a hand held up to mean 'stop'. The hand has a cross in it to reinforce the idea of 'stop'.This is a list of contacts for people around Australia that want to make a complaint about a service used through the NDIS.


Fact sheet - The NDIS for Women with Disabilities

22 July 2015

A monitor with a booklet, 'ndis, and the symbol for female. Women with Disabilities Victoria have produced a comprehensive 8-page fact sheet on the NDIS for women with disabilities. 

It also includes a handy checklist to help you figure out what to do.


Meeting highlights - COAG Disability Reform Council - April 2015

23 June 2015

A monitor, and a group of people at a meeting talking about the NDIS. The government ministers in charge of disability across Australia come together sometimes to talk about the NDIS. This is called the Disability Reform Council.

They met on 24th April 2015. After the meeting they let everyone know some of the things they talked about.


Website - DARU

10 June 2015

Monitor displaying Victoria, and a person holding out a lifesaver.Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU) is a statewide service established to resource the disability advocacy sector in Victoria.


Website - Disability Justice Advocacy

3 June 2015

A monitor showing Victoria, and a person holding out a lifesaver.Disability Justice Advocacy provides advocacy support to people who have ongoing support needs as a result of disability.


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Website - Disability Resources Centre

2 June 2015

A monitor showing Victoria, and a person holding out a lifesaver.Disability Resources Centre provides advocacy for adults with disability in the Melbourne metropolitan region and the Mornington Peninsula.


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Website - About self directed support in Victoria - VIC Government

25 April 2015

Monitor with outline of Victoria, and a person holding a lifesaver.This website explains what self directed support is and how to use it if you are in Victoria. It also has some resources and information about peer support for people living in Victoria and using current self directed supports.


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