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Meeting highlights - COAG Disability Reform Council - April 2015

23 June 2015

A monitor, and a group of people at a meeting talking about the NDIS. The government ministers in charge of disability across Australia come together sometimes to talk about the NDIS. This is called the Disability Reform Council.

They met on 24th April 2015. After the meeting they let everyone know some of the things they talked about.


Website - Housing - ACT Government

25 April 2015

A monitor displaying a booklet, 'NDIS', a house, and an outline of the ACT.The Housing and Tenancy Options page of the ACT Government Community Services website has information and a range of resources, to help you understand how to identify and develop housing options that best meet your individual needs.

The Government Supported Accommodation page discusses the transition to the NDIS.


Website - Homelessness Australia

24 April 2015

A monitor showing Australia, and a person sleeping on bench in a city street.Homelessness Australia is the national peak body for homelessness in Australia. They provide systemic advocacy for the homelessness sector. This means they talk to the Government, and other groups, about how to make things better for people who are homeless in Australia. They also provide good information to the public on their website.


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