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NDIS Learning Module: Supporting Effective Communication

9 November 2021

The NDIS has created a Supporting Effective Communication e-learning module that depicts the perspective of NDIS participants of what effective communication looks like, and how it supports choice and control.

Getting the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan Information Session

12 June 2020

Getting the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan

Webinar with Information pack

In May 2020, the AFDO Disability Loop team held an online information session called Getting the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan. This webinar was recorded and is now available to view.

NDIS Participants Welcome Pack

19 February 2020

Image of a monitor with a booklet, and 'ndis'.NDIS participants have the right to feel safe and to receive quality service from NDIS providers.  

The NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission (The Commission) has released a Participants Welcome Pack.

The information provided in this pack gives participants information about their rights, the role of the NDIS Commission, choosing quality and safe supports, and how to make a complaint.

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NDIS Participant Booklets

1 September 2019

Image of a monitor with a booklet, and 'ndis'.In 2018 the NDIS created 3 new booklets for participants, covering pre-planning, planning, and using your plan. Each has three versions – a PDF, Word document, or Easy English PDF.

Understanding the NDIS Workshop Video Series & Resources

18 July 2019

A monitor with a booklet, and 'ndis'.

The "Understanding the NDIS" workshop was run multiple times throughout Victoria in 2018-19 for people with disability, families and carers.  However, we wanted to help those who could not attend the workshop in person and therefore missed out on the information at the time.  So we filmed the workshop, and it has been divided into 9 videos which have been placed on our YouTube channel.

The workshop explains things in plain, easy to understand language, and helps to increase your understanding of the NDIS and will build your confidence in dealing with the NDIA.

All videos have Auslan interpreting, captioning and audio description. A transcript for each video is also available.

The workshop handbook and fact sheets are available in PDF and Word and are written by people with disability, and are in plain language.

Website - IDEAS

18 June 2019

Monitor with outline of Australia, and a person holding a lifesaver.IDEAS stands for Information on Disability, Education and Awareness Services.

They work to support all people with disability, their families, carers and other supporters to self-advocate and to make informed decisions.



GP Resources

8 April 2019

A monitor with a booklet, and 'ndis'.

The NSW Council for Intellectual Disability have released an NDIS resource for Doctors to use for their patients.  This resource includes information on: 

  • 0-6 Early Childhood Intervention
  • Access Request Forms and the NDIS
  • Guidelines and forms for reviews, appeals and changes
  • Psychosocial 
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Non-English Speaking Background

NDIS Pre-planning Toolkit for people with disability entering Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training

3 April 2019

A monitor showing Australia, and a person holding out a lifesaver.

Getting the Right Support at the Right Time from the Right People.  The NDIS Pre-planning Toolkit is for people with disability entering Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training is designed to be used before you start a tertiary course at university or with a vocational education and training provider.

Your disability may mean you require extra support to complete your chosen course to ensure your participation is on the same basis as other students. These booklets will help you identify what supports you may need, who is responsible for providing them and how you can access them.

Videos - key NDIS concepts in Auslan

10 April 2017

A monitor with 'ndis', the symbol for sign language, and a video play button.A handful of the most common and important NDIS terms have now been translated into Auslan. This will make life easier when spelling out long terms like "information, linkages and capacity building (ILC)", which can now be described in a fast, elegant and logical new Auslan sign.

Other new translations are for these common NDIS terms; 'ordinary life', 'choice and control', 'reasonable and necessary', 'permanent and significant disability', 'informal supports', 'Early Intervention' and 'Local Area Coordinator'.

NDIS review and appeals flow chart

19 April 2016

A monitor displaying a flowchart.If you are unhappy with your NDIS Plan, or a decision by the NDIS, this flow chart by Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU) will help you understand what you can do. It is presented using a simplified step by step process, and has links to other resources if you'd like more details. Some of the information is specifically for Victorians, but most of the information will be helpful for people from all over Australia. 


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