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Understanding the NDIS Workshop Video Series & Resources

For anyone who would like to read the Workshop Handbook or the five fact sheets which were handed out at the Workshop, you can download these resources for free below.  

NDIS Workshop Handbook, Word version  PDF  

Fact sheet 1 - History of the NDIS, Word version  PDF

Fact sheet 2 - Eligibility for NDIS, Word version  PDF

Fact sheet 3 - What does Reasonable & Necessary mean?, Word version  PDF

Fact sheet 4 - Managing your NDIS Plan, Word version  PDF

Fact sheet 5 -  Complaining about the NDIS or your Provider, Word version  PDF

We also have braille and print hard copies available for $10.  This includes the Workshop Handbook and the five fact sheets (inclusive of GST & postage within Australia).  If you are interested in purchasing hard copies in print or braille, please call us on 1800 219 969 or email regarding purchasing these hard copies.


The "Understanding the NDIS" workshop video series is divided into six parts, over the 9 videos, covering different topics. This includes an overview of the NDIS, accessing the NDIS, the principles behind how it works, the planning process, implementing your plan and options for making complaints.

The presenter is a person with a disability and an NDIS participant. The information is from the point of view of lived experience of disability and independent of any service provider agency or government organisation.

The titles for each video are as follows:

Video 1 Introduction
Video 2 How Does the NDIS Work?
Video 3 The NDIS Explained
Video 4 The NDIS Access Process
Video 5 Why the NDIS is Different to Older Disability Support
Video 6 Reasonable and Necessary Exercise
Video 7 Planning for the NDIS
Video 8 Taking Action with Your NDIS Plan
Video 9 Is There Anything Else I Should Know About the NDIS?
The series of videos can be found on our YouTube page and all videos have Auslan interpreting, captioning and audio description. A transcript for each video is also available.
A monitor with 'ndis', the symbol for sign language, and a video play button.