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Website - Deaf Australia

28 May 2015

A monitor showing Australia, and the symbol for Australian sign language (Auslan).Deaf Australia is the national peak organisation representing Deaf and hard of hearing people and wider community that uses Auslan (Australian Sign Language). They have a selection of articles and resources on the NDIS and an online resources shop.

Report - Disability Loop Gap Analysis Roundtable One

15 May 2015

A monitor showing the Disability Loop logo, a booklet, and a conversation with 'ndis' in it.Disability Loop hosted a roundtable in February 2015. A roundtable is a meeting where people come together to talk about something and work out what should happen next. Groups that represent people with disability across the country were invited. These groups talked about NDIS projects, about gaps in the information about the NDIS, and more. We put all of the information about this meeting into a report. You can read or download this report here.


Booklet - What is the NDIS?

28 April 2015

A monitor displaying a booklet and 'NDIS'This booklet from the National Disability Insurance Agency gives basic information about the NDIS. It has two pages.

You can get it in eight different languages.


Website - Every Australian Counts

26 April 2015

Monitor with a clenched fist and 'ndis' written above it.The Every Australian Counts campaign was critical in making sure the NDIS became a reality. Every Australian Counts is here to make sure the NDIS is delivered as promised and is the best it can be.


Website - Self managing your funding

26 April 2015

Monitor with diagram of one person over three other people. In Control Australia has a newsletter, resources and online peer support groups for people who want to manage their own funding. Website last updated 2012. 


Website - Therapy Choices

25 April 2015

A monitor with three healthcare professionals.This website gives information about what different kinds of therapists – such as podiatrists, orthoptists and audiologists – do. It also has information on how to contact a therapist locally.


Website - Physical Disability Australia

25 April 2015

A monitor displaying an image of Australia, and a person moving forward in a wheelchair.Physical Disability Australia is a national disability peak organisation (they represent people with physical disabilities in Australia). Their website also has a handy list of links to external resources.


Website - Homelessness Australia

24 April 2015

A monitor showing Australia, and a person sleeping on bench in a city street.Homelessness Australia is the national peak body for homelessness in Australia. They provide systemic advocacy for the homelessness sector. This means they talk to the Government, and other groups, about how to make things better for people who are homeless in Australia. They also provide good information to the public on their website.


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Website - Disability - Australian Government

24 April 2015

A monitor displaying Australia, and a person holding out a lifesaver.The Commonwealth government department (for people from everywhere in Australia) which works on disability policy and supports is the Department of Social Services. You might like to go straight to the Disability and Carers section of the Department of Social Services website.


Website - Mental Health Australia

23 April 2015

A monitor displaying a booklet, an outline of Australia, 'ndis', and a human head with cogs inside it.Mental Health Australia is the peak, national non-government organisation representing and promoting the interests of the Australian mental health sector.


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