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New South Wales

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Fact sheet - How to complain about a service to the NSW Ombudsman - Easy English

14 July 2015

A monitor, with an unhappy person, 'ndis', and New South Wales.If you:

  • live in NSW
  • are unhappy with a service you get through the NDIS

You can tell the NSW Ombudsman that you are not happy, and they will help you make a complaint. This fact sheet tells you more about what that all means, and what to do.


Meeting highlights - COAG Disability Reform Council - April 2015

23 June 2015

A monitor, and a group of people at a meeting talking about the NDIS. The government ministers in charge of disability across Australia come together sometimes to talk about the NDIS. This is called the Disability Reform Council.

They met on 24th April 2015. After the meeting they let everyone know some of the things they talked about.


Booklet - Ready Together - NSW Government - Easy English

24 April 2015

Monitor with outline of NSW with 'ndis' written inside it.This booklet is for people who live in NSW. It says what the NSW Government is doing to make sure the NDIS can be rolled out across the whole state. It also talks a little bit about what the NDIS is.


Booklet - A guide to choosing an OT, Physiotherapist or Speech Therapist for a child

23 April 2015

Monitor displaying a booklet and three healthcare professionalsChoosing a private Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Speech Pathologist for a child with a developmental disability is a booklet published by the NSW Government. It explains the best ways to find a therapy provider and the questions you should ask.


Website - Disability - NSW Government

17 April 2015

A monitor displaying New South Wales, and a person holding out a lifesaver.You can find lots of information on the NDIS in NSW on the NDIS page of the website listed below.

The NSW government department which works on disability supports is Ageing, Disability and Home Care which is part of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.


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