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Report - NDIS Citizen's Jury Scorecard

3 June 2015

A monitor displaying a jury discussing the NDIS.The NDIS is taking a number of steps to find out how the Scheme is working. One of these has been a project called the NDIS Citizen’s Jury. The project asked people who are using the NDIS to talk about what using the NDIS has been like for them.


Website - Healthy Active Life

25 April 2015

A monitor with a video on itThis website talks about the ways to get support in different parts of your life. It has some short videos and no writing.


Video - Decisions, decisions, decisions!

23 April 2015

Monitor with a video icon, and the closed caption symbol.This video talks about what are big decisions and what are small decisions. It also talks about what your rights are when you make a decision. (Captions, no audio description).


Video - What is the NDIS?

20 April 2015

Monitor with video icon, conversation bubble with 'ndis', and closed captions symbol.This video from Every Australian Counts gives basic information about the NDIS in five key points. It has closed captions.



Categories: About the NDIS Video

Videos - Living a good life

17 April 2015

Monitor with a video and the closed captions symbol.These videos tell the stories of people with disability and how they have used support and control to get a good life. (Captions, no audio description).


Categories: Peer Support Video
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