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Booklet - What is the NDIS - Easy English

Screenshot of the first page of the Easy English documentThis is for people who live in the ACT. It says what the NDIS is.

There are no pictures in this booklet. It has 2 pages. 


ACT Government Community Services

National Disability Insurance Scheme


What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is also called the NDIS. It is how the government will help people with disabilities.


NDIS means you 

  • Choose how you spend your disability money
  • Can make choices about
    • your life
    • your health
    • where you live
    • how you spend your free time
    • who helps you at home
    • who helps you in the community


NDIS will help you and your

  • family
  • unpaid carers
  • advocates
  • service providers NDIS will help people through their whole life.

NDIS will help people live how they want to live and to do the things they want to do.


To get into the NDIS you must

  • live in the ACT
  • be 0-64 years old
  • have a disability, for example you find it hard to
    • move
    • talk, read, or write
    • take care of bills, shopping and other jobs
    • care for yourself for example have a shower or eat


NDIS will start in Canberra in July 2014

More information

Phone: 6207 1086


Fax: 62071371 

TTY: 6205 0888