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Intellectual disability

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Website - My Learning Matters

4 June 2015

A monitor showing Australia, and a person holding out a lifesaver.My Learning Matters is a new website made by the same people that made My Choice Matters. My Learning Matters is a new website with lots of information and resources to help people with disability get the most out of the changing disability system, including the NDIS.


Website - Down Syndrome Australia

3 June 2015

A monitor with Australia, and the stylised "D" from the Down Syndrome Australia Down Syndrome Australia is a national disability peak organisation (they represent people with Down syndrome and their families in Australia).


Report - Disability Loop Gap Analysis Roundtable One

15 May 2015

A monitor showing the Disability Loop logo, a booklet, and a conversation with 'ndis' in it.Disability Loop hosted a roundtable in February 2015. A roundtable is a meeting where people come together to talk about something and work out what should happen next. Groups that represent people with disability across the country were invited. These groups talked about NDIS projects, about gaps in the information about the NDIS, and more. We put all of the information about this meeting into a report. You can read or download this report here.


Website - Therapy Choices

25 April 2015

A monitor with three healthcare professionals.This website gives information about what different kinds of therapists – such as podiatrists, orthoptists and audiologists – do. It also has information on how to contact a therapist locally.


Website - Healthy Active Life

25 April 2015

A monitor with a video on itThis website talks about the ways to get support in different parts of your life. It has some short videos and no writing.


Booklet - A guide to choosing an OT, Physiotherapist or Speech Therapist for a child

23 April 2015

Monitor displaying a booklet and three healthcare professionalsChoosing a private Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Speech Pathologist for a child with a developmental disability is a booklet published by the NSW Government. It explains the best ways to find a therapy provider and the questions you should ask.


Video - Decisions, decisions, decisions!

23 April 2015

Monitor with a video icon, and the closed caption symbol.This video talks about what are big decisions and what are small decisions. It also talks about what your rights are when you make a decision. (Captions, no audio description).


Booklet - What is the NDIS - Easy English

21 April 2015

Monitor with booklet, NDIS, and outline of the ACT.This is for people who live in the ACT. It says what the NDIS is.

There are no pictures in this booklet. It has 2 pages. 

  • Read the pdf
  • Or read our copy & paste of it


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